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Monday, September 24, 2007

Iran President - Sales Opportunity Missed?

Iran President - Sales Opportunity Missed?
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Big hoopla over the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his speech at Columbia University. He seems a little different. He doubts some happenings such as the holocaust, and the validity of Al Queda's role in 911. So why is he over here speaking at an Ivy League University?

Well, he has a lot to say apparently. Many people protested his arrival and scheduled speech, siting many valid reasons. My take is this....what is our objective? If our objective is to win something then let him speak. If we want to win understanding of our perspective let him speak. If we want to win a war...let him speak. If we want to win an ally let him speak.

If on the other hand we don't want to win anything then don't let him speak. Hard as it may be to set beliefs and emotions aside, to win anything a person or a country must listen, and subordinate resistant emotions and beliefs. A simple strategy we should've learned in grade school most educated adults still struggle with. If "we" are right or "true" then no matter who speaks or what they speak about it will not eliminate the "truth." So we defend something that cannot be destroyed?

Often, we see the same debacle occurring in most of our interactions. In a relationship we want to be understood; we want to feel important and listened to. So in a relationship instead of using a strategy to win and get what we want, we instead use a horrible strategy, and worse keep repeating it with no thought about changing what we're doing. Usually it will consist of not communicating with your partner...and sometimes using mind reading as a tactic. If I want to be listened to then I must listen. If I want to be understood, I must first seek to understand. By giving what I want; I will get all that I want.

In sales the same theme plays out. The incompetent sales person "sells" without first understanding or listening to the buyer. If I want the buyer to listen and to buy; then I must listen first. We all want to win; we all want to be understood and listened to. So lets use a strategy that works. Listen first...understand first...next time you meet someone that you want to see your view...understand theirs first...listen attentively and with curiosity.

We spend billions on war strategies and fancy CRM sales gizmo's and we can easily save money and win by being patient and using effective diplomatic, sales, negotiative, and persuasive strategies. Keep the end in mind...focus not on mood or emotion, but strategy to manifest the desired outcome.

Angel Armendariz

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