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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Golden State Warriors and You!

Golden State Warriors and You!
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Yes, in case you've been slumbering under a rock recently, the biggest upset in NBA playoff history occurred a couple of days ago...Golden State (an 8th seated) defeated the Dallas Mavs (1 Seated)...As a banner a fan held up at the game said "We're gonna Shock the World" - and they did. How does this effect you? Well it just provides a living example of Congruency.
By congruency I mean a strong, complete, and belief laden intention. To be strong and complete means using all your faculties and aligning them to the intent. This is easier said than done. Dallas, I believe, partially lost the series do to a lack of congruency...it was evident not only in there playing, but also in post game interviews and just the way they carried themselves. They had somehow began to have doubt, or perhaps fear of their battle with the Golden State Warriors. As soon as this virus made host in the minds of a few Mavericks...it spread and it defeated them. Golden State on the other hand, partially because of the circumstance...had no pressure on them and no fear because the had nothing to lose. This allowed them to play with "abandon," fearless action is a powerful force that can pulverize obstacles.
We take this example and use it as a reference to learn from ourselves. Play with abandon and seek congruency. Congruency is a somewhat ephemeral condition, for congruency can truly be acknowledged subjectively. When you know without doubt, hesitation, and you expect your intention to manifest wholeheartedly you know that congruency is near completion. Lack of action towards your goals is also a sign of incongruency...usually doubt or lack of knowledge. If one fails to take action one must look at what information is missing from their current repetoire that is making the next step tentative. Supplant the missing pieces until action is confidently taken. The most important factor is always under your control...decisions...therefore you are infinitely empowered to create masterpieces as you will.

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