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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Entree for Thought? -

Our linear thinking limits our lives in many ways. This type of thinking is always looking for single and sequential causes. This such thing does not exist in our known Universe. Our minds, however, have the extraordinary ability to deceive us into believing such thinking is rational. Dr. David R. Hawkins own realization of such process goes, " It apparently occurred...that they were not at the mercy of the world but rather affected only by what their minds believed...It seemed that the great tragedy of human life had always been that the psyche is so easily deceived." Whatever we believe and look for our minds will find; it will purposefully, at your command, filter information to make it fit to your assumptions. Generally speaking, our logic as a society believes in fragmented lines of action, emotions, feelings; as well as in things like work, relationships, education, and politics. This leads to fundamental and structural imbalances in our state of being. The pattern typically is a simple form of if "a" then "b."
So for example: If I study hard I will get good grades. We give this issue value by the belief that everything has only one essential cause, and that the given circumstance is separate from everything else. So thus this type of thinking follows: If I study hard I will get good grades...my thoughts have no effect on the outcome, my emotions have no effect, my diet has no effect, the amount of water i consume has no effect, my workout routine has no effect, etc. This common form of thought process that we take for granted, that we make automatic, that we consider true, further reinforces our minds to exclude every other effect, cause, possibility, or perhaps error in our form of thought and gradually leads to disillusionment, confusion, and compounded blockages in our lives. Great minds make distinctions that create unique outcomes; that liberate onces power to do and be more.

excerpt, Untitled, Angel Armendariz

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