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Thursday, October 4, 2007

GQ & Jordan's Insights

GQ Magazine
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

"I never took a day off. If I took a day off, then Scottie was going to take a day off. And then Horace. The next thing you know the whole scope of what we're trying to do is being weakened. I never took a shortcut, and I never wanted anyone else to take a shortcut." - Michael Jordan, Interview GQ Mag., Oct. 07

Legendary icon in sports Michael Jordan was profiled among the 50 most stylish men of the past 50 years. Without a doubt a prominent figure in American culture; Michael rose to heights both on the court and off that redefined sports success.

This particular quote caught my attention. Talk about demanding. I see the similarity in this quote to legendary basketball coach Bobby Knights statement, "Everyone has the will to win, thats easy....but few have the will to prepare to win." Sports offer interesting insights into excellence. Especially results based excellence. Most of us in one way or another are engaged in a vocation that requires results....constantly. True, not all of us want to be the best at everything...maybe not even anything; however, for those of us who wish and strive to excel, Michael's words resonate through us.

When we look at the history of any extravagant and beautiful achievement we see the truth. The not so glamorous side of "preparation." This includes Jordan's marathon no days off practices. All the way to Mark Cuban's late night software manual reading. We can even go as far as to throw in Michelangelo. He once said that if people were able to see the long tedious hours spent messing up and honing this artistic skills the Sistine Chapel would not appear so amazing.

Its been said that when preparation meets opportunity it creates the offspring called luck. This seems to be so for many of the high achievers past and present. The formula follows: Goal= Preparation + Seizing opportunities...
So ask yourself this if you have goals..."Am I preparing myself to seize opportunities?"...

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