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Monday, October 1, 2007

How To Do It All

How To Do It All
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How did you? What do you do to...? Have you ever wondered how certain people get the things they do? I think we all have and we all do to a certain degree. For instance I am interested in knowing how to become more fit. Seeing someone who has the result I want beckons me to inquire as to how they did it. It's important to be able to ask yourself as well as others how they produce a certain result. That way you can "cheat" and create the desired result faster - not have to "re-invent" the wheel.

More importantly though I've realized that people could ask an even better question. Most of the things we're interested in having require work. Secondly, they require consistency. What's difficult for most is not "what" must be done. What's difficult is finding an effective strategy to get themselves to be consistent in a fast and effective manner. For instance, I was recently asked about how I rapidly leaned out. That's a good question, however, a better question would have been, "What do you do mentally to be able to be absolutely consistent....or how were you able to change your eating and working out habits in one day and maintain consistency for three months?"

You see most of us "know" what must be done. But few of us have effective strategies to get ourselves to change instantly, and/or be consistent in these beneficial changes. By being honest with yourself you can begin a rapid change. If you have a negative emotion its probably because you lack control over something. This is good because its an opportunity to grow and transcend this limited emotive behavior. Emotions are keys to areas were we lack growth, and thus strong emotions can lead us to self transcendence.

Carl Jung, understood that emotions unlocked dormant potentials of the unconscious. He saw the value of emotions in the reconciliation between our waking awareness and unconscious potentials. Many times we assume that our emotions are locked and are absolutes. Not true. Every aspect of ourselves can be refined, cultivated, and shaped to our liking.

To have effective mental strategies to get us were we want to go is vital. Otherwise we will be random junkies of whatever minute forces repels or attracts us...and be no better than a low rung animal. Change happens as fast as we want it within ourselves. Time is an easy scapegoat. We already have effective strategies...just become aware of them and use them for the "important" aspects of your life. For example, think of something that you were incredibly excited and motivated to do. Analyze exactly what went through your mind...what you saw, heard, felt, etc....copy the steps exactly, and use those steps in making yourself motivated to do the things you know you should do. Practice it, and refine it.

Angel Armendariz

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