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Monday, April 21, 2008

Perfectly Increasing Returns and The Time Killer Cult

Perfectly Increasing Returns and The Time Killer Cult
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Investing can be a tricky game. After all its partially gambling on anticipated outcomes. What if you knew with almost 100% certainty what the result of an investment would yield? What if you could invest in perfectly increasing returns?
You can! What is the most powerful non-renewable resource you have?...Time!

Time is the most valuable, precious, non-renewable resource available to us. It is continually being spent by each of us in some form. The big question is whether your time is being invested or wasted.

How can we invest our time? Naturally, an investment supposes that there will be a return on the investment (ROI). So ask yourself this - What are the returns I'm receiving on my daily investments of time? For some, they might invest in harnessing a skill necessary to evolve professionally. Still, others might invest in development of their children.

Here's were time management deserves its spoils. Time management is the equivalent to your financial advisor in investing. Exact, purposeful allocation of your time is necessary for accurate results, according to what we wish to have as our life's ROI. Brian Tracy, executive consultant, says for instance that time management is not an auxillary in our life, but should be the very structure about which we build our days from.

One of the biggest enemies of skillful time investing are time killers. Time killers are those "entities" that didn't receive the memo that time is running out. These time killers seek to waste not only their time, but voraciously eat up other people's time. The only way to stop these killers is using a fancy two letter word that can be hard to say - NO.

The most successful individuals in all avenues of life invest their time wisely, they know the value of these investments, and thus they easily decline or say no to time killers. Tiger Woods for example, after one of his most impressive victories of his career said no to celebrating, and to the astonishment of most people was eagerly back in the gym at 5am the very next morning. That's skillful time investing at its best.

- Angel Armendariz

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