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Sunday, April 6, 2008

What Is The Purpose?

What Is The Purpose?
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As you look at a current result that that doesn’t sit well with you, can you figure out how it came about? In retrospect it is a lot easier to see the parts that came together to create a certain result. I’ve come to gather that we don’t consciously create disasters. We do create them, and some of us more frequently than others.

If you can regress and analyze the steps that led to disaster you can probably correlate the result to actions that were taken without purpose. What I mean by that is an action or more precisely a conglomerate or sum of habitual actions that resulted in a horrible outcome.

Example: If you are out of shape or overweight, you probably didn’t purposefully become so. It was more than likely the result of actions taken without a purpose, actions taken out of comfort and momentary pleasure.

By their very nature purposes are things that live in the future, and hence taking actions based on current feelings as opposed to future pleasures leads us to act without purpose and create results that hurt.

Every action will create a result, and we are constantly creating something. To build towards our purposes we must be accountable for our actions. We do this by asking ’What will be the result of this action?’ The more often you ask this throughout the day the more likely you will take consistent action that will lead to meaningful purposes.

Angeol Armendariz

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