"Those who apply themselves too closely to little things often become incapable of great things." Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Giving Away Today for Yesterday

What are the most pressing and urgent issues on your plate today? Are they perhaps similar to what they were yesterday? I think we can agree that we all have pressing issues that are so internal, that they seem to silently gnaw at our insides. So I ask this question now "How are you going to handle today's problems with yesterday's tools?"

It's interesting how even though we are given a new day full of potential, most of us sell it for yesterday's sentiments and yesterday's troubles. What is the cost of playing footsie with yesterday's issues for the next five years? Assessing a cost to our actions can many times clarify situations and expand our awareness.

To overcome yesterday's issues and pressing matters we must work on ourselves. More accurately, we must grow and be bigger than we were yesterday. Working on the same problem with the same tools in the same manner is futile. But, as Jean Gebser once said:

"All work, genuine work which we must achieve, is that which is most difficult and painful: the work on ourselves."

Work on oneself does not happen by accident, it must be methodically planned for, it doesn't act on you, you must act on it.

Overcoming our pressing issues requires work on some of the following:

- emotional intelligence (self awareness, self discipline, etc.)
- cognitive intelligence (mental know how, etc.)
- social intelligence (interpersonal effectiveness, building relationships, etc.)
- physiological intelligence (health, fitness, etc.)
- spiritual intelligence (faith, love, etc.)

If we fail to plan on developing ourselves through each of these dimensions, we will sacrifice our tomorrows for our yesterdays. Our freedoms to build a better future will be forsaken for yesterday's bittersweet sentiments.

- Angel Armendariz

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