"Those who apply themselves too closely to little things often become incapable of great things." Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Evolve Yourself

"Everything in life must be intentional, and the will constantly taught like a muscle." - Andre Gide

All life obeys a form of evolution. I use the term in the most liberal sense. To evolve involves a process of change towards fitness. Two broad points channel this process and act like feedback mechanisms. Extinction and creation are the two continuous end results of evolution. Although, there are no end results per se, we can agree that stable moments occur along this process of evolution.

Apparently, one of the best ways to achieve a "fit" species is to keep what works and eliminate what doesn't. This simple yet powerful principle is at work constantly in our own brains. Through a process called "parcellation" our neurons eliminate unused parts and further reinforce those neurons most in use, a process of consolidation. Basically it submits atrophied neurons to extinction and creates enhanced support for the active ones.

When we think about this process of extinction and creation most of us can see the benefits; and whether we like it or not it is the very process that has been built into us. It works. If it works so well, than does it not then follow that we should apply this principle to every aspect of our conscious lives?

When we apply this to a habit what happen? Well lets say we have a habit of unhealthy eating. Now if we submit this habit to extinction and create a new habit of healthy eating what is the result?...Exactly. Where we err sometimes, is that we consciously address what needs to happen, and what we want, but we are weak at elimination and extinction of that which holds us back. We like to carry old baggage around. Unsuccessful old baggage can include emotions, identities, thoughts, beliefs, actions, concepts...etc.

I decree we should be as bold as nature. Courage supposes that we have inherent power overcome limitations. Courage is executed by extinction and creation. By extinction of unsuccessful, inefficient processes, and creation of successful, and fit processes. We must continually scan ourselves for inefficient process and boldly cut binding ropes of inefficiency.

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