"Those who apply themselves too closely to little things often become incapable of great things." Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Handling Rejection - Who Care's?

Have you ever seen an ugly guy with a really attractive girl? Or vise versa? How about an average person with average intelligence who is really successful? Happens quite frequently right? Why is that? Is it luck? Divine intervention? One thing I would certainly bet on as being a characteristic in these kinds of people is the ability to be de-sensitized or un-fazed by rejection.

In my new ebook I talk a lot about how to develop beliefs that empower you, and eliminate the ones that anchor and hold you back. The biggest reason I insist on developing self chosen empowering beliefs is because, that is how you will be able to handle the rejection that is part of the growth & development process. At an early stage in my life i developed the belief that every "No" brought me closer to a "Yes."

A common scene in most all business environments involves a new sales rep. A brand new hire pounding away at the phone after his happy little 3-day training. The new hire is excited about all the commission to be made, all the things they'll be able to buy, and all the promises made by the company. Fast forward a month later and 1000 "No's" later and you'll see a less enthusiastic and more doubtful employee.

What changed? The new-hire had not consciously developed deep belief in their ability and product. When this doesn't happen then the mind has no choice but to accept the events that happen in my life (the results) as the ultimate judgment as to his/her ability or capacity. Obviously after getting all that rejection all the evidence points to incompetence and failure.

This scenario serves as an important example as to why beliefs are so important to actively choose & nurture. Also, it shows the need to be able to handle rejection. A good friend and extremely successful colleague of mine Yauvan Kumar, handles objection by mentally thinking "who cares?" Basically saying it doesn't matter, or pay no mind to it. Something that simple keeps him supremely confident and able to pick up the phone and call a client with absolute confidence in who he as and what he does.

Another little mantra is the SWSWSW. This stands for "some will, some won't, so what?" Again, simple yet brilliant. Some people do this unconsciously, they're oblivious to feeling less competent when slapped in the face with a no. This type of thinking is what keeps average or ugly guys courting the pretty ladies. Or the semi-educated person persisting to get his way in the face of rejection and endless "no's."

It's been said over and over; perseverance is worth more than talent. However, bring both to the table and your odds of winning multiply dramatically. Next time you get a no, or are thinking that you'll get a no; just say "who cares?"

- Angel Armendariz

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