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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wall Street Market Chaos and What That Means to Home Owners

Wall Street Market Chaos and What That Means to Home Owners

The end of the housing boom has given way to the long predicted housing bust.
The Wall Street spectacle is playing right before our eyes through television and all major media outlets. We're hearing things about the credit crises in the secondary market sectors, which also effects most other U.S. industries.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Paul Kasriel of Northern Trust stated,
"Housing's going to stay in a recession and it's starting to spread to other parts of the economy, especially the consumer sector."

How does this effect consumers across the U.S.? More urgently, how can we minimize the effects of the housing crises?

The answer seems to be to provide information and resources to help homeowners understand what is going on and what they can do.
The information seems to be ambiguously scattered, and difficult to come by. Green Castle Group LLC, a consulting & Sales Training agency in San Antonio, TX;
has recently released a free guide for Homeowners. The guide is provided as a service to the community in hopes of alleviating the pressure felt by homeowners
during these uncertain times.

The two owners of Green Castle Group LLC, Angel and Eric Armendariz worked in the mortgage industry in Boston, MA; before moving to San Antonio to start-up a Consulting agency to improve sales performance for Corporations and Organizations.

The e-book is a resource for all homeowners, that includes,
pertinent information for protecting homeowners in this critical time of need. The e-book is available free of charge at their website http://greencastlegroup.com/.

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