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Monday, August 13, 2007

A Stroke of Altruism 2.0

Boston Globe columnist, and Author, Penelope Trunk posted a great blog yesterday on her Brazen Careerist Blog site(see sidebar). It had to do with altruism (giving) and its role in modern education

Penelope sites several sources that acknowledge the value of altruism. Giving rise to the question. What role should altruism play in modern education; education 2.0? From her blog; the most obvious value for an altruistic person is that they experience a more pleasurable life. I concur with the argument.

The biggest obstacle I see for people in embracing this, is letting go of the scarcity belief, and allowing themselves multiple streams of happiness. As always, we get tripped up by the either/or and scarcity themes that run rampant among our casual thoughts. For those hedonists...think of it like this...by giving someone pleasure - your pleasure increases; and the likely-hood of pleasure coming back again from the person you gave to!

This is my comment on her post:

"Education 2.0…nice headline. Altruism is definitely something that engenders happiness all around. There really is no objection to this. Nietzsche and Any Rand might have slight objections; of course they valued Self-Development and power more than moral altruism.

In the case of education it would truly work wonders for our society. From my experience, altruism is rare in its most authentic form. I was lucky enough to be brought up with a high value on altruism.

The truth of it is that when you help or make someone experience any level of pleasure, then you immediately feel a greater pleasure within. That is, if you allow yourself to. Many of my fellow classmates in school, and coworkers in several jobs viewed giving as pleasure-less. It’s as if they knew no other way of experiencing pleasure or happiness other than money or getting something for themselves.

We can honestly experience the whole palate of happiness through different channels of experience. The more we embrace an eclectic approach to our growth and happiness the more it can be shared with everyone else. Education 2.0 would thrive with touch of altruism."

p.s. Altruism is a powerful tool to use in communication. Sales, Marketing, and Business can thrive under the guise of altruism.

- Angel Armendariz

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