"Those who apply themselves too closely to little things often become incapable of great things." Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Can I Subordinate My Moods to My Commitments?

A friend of mine recently told me he wanted to start reading more. He always says he hates to read. I told him about the fact that I used to hate reading too. To me reading was a chore; or like force feeding bad vegetables because its good for me. I find it common among many people I meet or know; the agony at the mere thought of reading.

It seems to me that part of the reason has to do with an outdated and inefficient educational system. In school most all situations are presented in the "just do it, for your own good." We are in part forced to accept this quasi-explanation, and usually give in because of lack of sufficient power to revolt.

No useful or effective communication comes from the "just do it" camp. Ineffective communication leads to distrust and doubt in the validity of the exercise. It's commonplace to see people, who after being brought up in an environment that limited openness and used the doctrine of "just do it" or " just because," rebel; at least temporarily enough to explore the yearnings of curiousity and novelty.

Start where the audience is - should be the strategy of effective and sound guidance or communication. If my intent is to build trust and understanding with a group of people my best bet is to go to them. What I mean by that is learn about their situation, their way of seeing things, etc. If I start there and explore our similarities I build a bound and the channel to effective communication.

Furthermore, if my intent is to show them the benefits of anything in particular (say for instance reading) then I would find out what's important to them and why. From there I can show them specifically 'what's in it for them' how they will benefit now in their momentary wants, and how it will also bring them closer with their future goals.

If you do this for yourself, you can see how to leverage positive behavior and use them to manifest your most pressing desires and goals. There is no life-affirming desire or goal that is out of reach of principles. Principles, that you can apply at this moment to get what you want. Reading, isn't a chore...it's arming your battallion for battle...whatever that battle may be.

-Angel Armendariz

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